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Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #8 (04/22)

#1:Stopping to look at all the Dino Tracks near Tuba City – loved the fossilized crocodile!!

Crocodile Fossil!

#2:Making handprints in the sand at Baby Rocks – “There’s really not much to say about handprints.”  😀

Momma, Jose, Squishy, Badi

#3:Stopping to get souvenirs – picking out the rocks for his bag of rocks

I think every kid out there has a bag of these, lol!

Squishy:He didn’t scream and cry pretty much the whole way home!  He laughed, drew on the magnadoodle, slept, and watched movies.  It was so nice!!!



Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #7 (04/21)

#1:Hiking the Piedra River trail – two Korean couples took our picture for us and we took their picture for them

This is the picture that they took of us

#2:Driving home from the hike – pretending to give Kisser food and drinks with Squishy

Eat up, Kisser!!

#3:Swimming at the rec center – jumping into the pool over and over!!


Squishy:He was totally freezing (chattering, blue lips, etc.) from the minute his toes touched the water, but he was a good sport and stuck it out – he had a ton of fun splashing Jose!


Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #6 (04/20)

I unfortunately have to put a disclaimer on today – I don’t have pictures for most of the “likes.”  😦  Not sure why, but I just didn’t take as many pictures as a normally do.  Sorry!!!

#1:Playing mini golf with momma, Badi, and Squishy – he got a hole-in-one!!!


#2: Eating go-gurts – they are usually only for Squishy because it’s one thing we know he’ll always eat, but today Jose got to have them, too!

#3: Watching “Up!” – he wants to have Kevin as a pet.  Lol!  😀

Squishy:Went down the big slide at the playground (with a little help from Badi) with no complaints!

Well, it's not the slide, but at least it's the playground!

Addendum, #4: (I might be missing pictures, but I’ve got an extra “like” for you!!) Having a special midnight snack – he got to stay up late after being in the hot tub to have chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk!

Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #5 (04/19)

#1: Using momma’s camera – loved taking pictures of the “Gilmore Girls” box.  “They’re so cool!!  Are they twins?”

The Gilmore Girls!

#2: Hiking out to Piedra Falls – he and Badi went out and got splashed all over by the waterfall.

On the way to the falls!

#3: Going shopping for groceries – Badi bought chocolate milk!!!

"Yum, yum, Max. Say, 'Yum, yum!'" "DELICIOUS!!" said Max.

Squishy: When Jose was drawing, Squishy sat down and drew, too.  When Jose went to show Badi his drawings, Squishy followed right behind to show her his, too.  🙂

Drawing pictures in the car!

Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #4 (04/18)

#1: Playing with the trains late at night – enjoyed crashing them into the fence over and over again for them to have train wrecks. (This picture is actually from the previous night, but it was too great to pass up.  :D)

Oh no, Mr. Bill!!!

#2: Going to the playground at the rec center – they had a digger and a fireman pole; he loved both!

Digging in the dirt!

#3: Rolling down the short hill – it made Badi laugh when he kept turning sideways as he tried to roll down.

King of the hill!!!!

Squishy: He was a thrill-seeking risk taker!  He kept  leaning his head waaaaay back on the swing and then getting that, “I’m so scared, but this is SUPER fun!” look in his eyes.  He’s going to be my roller coaster rider for sure!  😉


Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #3 (04/17)

#1: Going hiking at Treasure Falls- got to climb over all the fallen trees that haven’t been cleared off the path

Hiking with Badi at Treasure Falls

#2: Drawing on the magnadoodle (yes, again) – got to draw pictures without Squishy “bothering” him

Woo hoo! Squishys not trying to grab the board away!

#3: Playing with Squishy in their room in the morning – “I was laying on my pillow pretending to snore, and then Squishy threw his cup at me and I woke up and Squishy thought it was sooooo funny!  We laughed forever.”  (Sorry, I don’t have a picture to share – this all occured while us adults were still asleep, lol…)

Squishy: He made his first snow angel!!!!! (And yes, I realize the picture is kind of creepy and inverted looking, but it is an honest to goodness snow angel.  Ya just can’t really tell…)

Squishy's 1st ever snow angel!!

Addendum, #4: (Just HAD to have one more “like” for today 😉 )Playing in the snow – got to throw snowballs, make a snowman, and make a snow angel!!

Watch out, mom!!

Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #2 (04/16)

#1: Walking all along the river – he could take lots of pictures!

Jose and the River

#2: The rock garden – “Mom could take my picture with all the rock statues!”

Jose and the "Rock Garden"

#3: The hot tub – he got to go in just with momma and Badi.

Hot Tub Time!!!

Squishy: He had a fabulous time running and playing at the park by the river.  He actually wanted to go in the river, buuuuuut…  Lol!

Squishy on the Swings

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