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Well, since I wrote about Jose, I thought I ought to write something about Squishy as well.  😉

The poor little dude has been sick since Wednesday afternoon!  😦  I’ll give you a quick rundown, because I know you’re SUPER interested.  😀

Wednesday: Started off by throwing up his lunch.  Continued the rest of the afternoon and evening alternating between puking and having nasty gray diarrhea (I know, I know, TMI…)  Badi & Pop-pop were watching him as Mom and Dad were blissfully unaware, off on their anniversary one-nighter, and they struggled to keep any type of liquid in him.  He kept spiking fevers, going down for a bit with Tylenol, and then going right back up again.  That’s pretty much how the rest of Wednesday went.

Thursday: Pretty much a repeat of Wednesday.  Fever, puking, diarrhea (though less and less as his system emptied), trouble eating/drinking anything.  Very lethargic and just all around sad.  Tried eating a couple things but threw them all up.  Finally managed to keep down about 6 oz of pedialyte, drunk over the course of a half hour.

Friday: Still warmer than should be, still couldn’t eat anything, started refusing to drink anything as well.  Went to Urgent Care with Mom and Dad.  They tested for strep, but he was negative.  Ended up getting some Zofran which helped the nausea subside long enough for him to get a nap and drink some more.  Finally interested/able to eat – spent the rest of the day eating jello and drinking a variety of okayed liquids.  Unfortunately, his acid reflux started really flaring up and he was in major pain.  Took some Pepto, and that helped a bit.  Thought things were looking up, but as he got in the car to go home and go to bed, he threw up EVERYTHING all over himself and the carseat.  Took awhile to get him to sleep because of the acid reflux, but he slept fairly well most of the night, and kept down what little tea/water he drank.  Very few diaper changes.  Lips incredibly chapped.

Saturday: Has been better overall today.  Just a mild fever (nothing over 100), and wanting to play off and on.  However, the acid reflux is still bothering him, and he just doesn’t want to drink ANYTHING.  We got a small serving of oatmeal and some pretzels into him (which helped a lot with the AR) but he’s drunk less than 8oz of fluid then entire day – surprisingly though, his lips aren’t chapped today like they were yesterday.  Explain that one!  He’s had one wet diaper, and one with a smidge of poo in it, but that’s it.  He seems happy enough for the most part, but when he stops moving, he just gets sad, SO sad.  Cries and cries for all sorts of things.  And he simply doesn’t look “right.”  His backbone is sticking out, and his eyes look like Dr. Reid’s on Criminal Minds.  He just sits and stares from time to time.  He’s taken two naps, but they were both very short.  Other than that he’s just wanted to be held the majority of the day.  Right now he’s reading “Goodnight Moon” over and over.  We’re hoping he’s on the mend, but his Nurse Auntie is coming over to check him out, just to be on the safe side.

Well, he seems to have recovered pretty much completely.  Nurse came over and checked him out, but (of course) by the time she saw him, he was totally fine already.  Isn’t that how it always works????  Ha ha…  He kept down everything he ate yesterday, including the pizza he had for dinner.  He’s eaten all his meals today, gone to the bathroom no problem, and since he’s allowed to have milk again, he’s been getting plenty of fluids (finally!)  Unfortunately, now Jose is going downhill with a bad cough, fever, and congestion…  Oh well!  What can ya do?  😉


Comments on: "Sad Sick Squishy… UPDATE!" (2)

  1. Wow. He is starting to look SO much like Jose. Well, except for his version of Dad’s ’70s blonde afro.

    • I know! I mean, he’s certainly his father’s son, but the taller and thinner he gets, the more he looks like Jose. It’s crazy!

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