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Well, I’m starting a little late, but for our trip (April 15-22) I plan to do a little blog each day with 3 things Jose liked from that day (and why he liked them), and 1 good thing that happened with Squishy.  Each item will get it’s own corresponding picture!  Nifty, right??  So without further ado, here are Jose’s top three “likes” from Day One, in no particular order, and a positive Squishy post…

#1: Drawing on the drawing board (magnadoodle) – he drew an octogon, mom and dad, some deer, Captain Janeway, and a map of our route, just to name a few…

"You (momma) and daddy, with a heart."

#2: Eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking lemon water when we got to the welcome center – they were good, REALLY good!  (Okay, I lied – there’s no picture for this one.  I was checking us in while Jose was eating cookies.)

#3: Feeding Squishy his snacks in the car – “It made me feel good and then Squishy wasn’t screaming!”

Jose was NOT a fan...

Squishy: For someone who is NOT a good traveler, he actually did quite well in the car!  And he loved, loved, loved watching his “Holy, Holy?” video.  Repeatedly.  (For those wishing to experience the same joy he’s received – we’ve ALL received – please check out the Praise Baby collection…)

Squishy and Baby


Comments on: "Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #1 (04/15)" (2)

  1. Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

    • Thanks! We’re actually here till Friday, so we have more trip to enjoy. We parked in front of Jim Smith Realty when we were in town on Saturday. 🙂

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