Random ramblings of a Rose…

#1: Playing with the trains late at night – enjoyed crashing them into the fence over and over again for them to have train wrecks. (This picture is actually from the previous night, but it was too great to pass up.  :D)

Oh no, Mr. Bill!!!

#2: Going to the playground at the rec center – they had a digger and a fireman pole; he loved both!

Digging in the dirt!

#3: Rolling down the short hill – it made Badi laugh when he kept turning sideways as he tried to roll down.

King of the hill!!!!

Squishy: He was a thrill-seeking risk taker!  He kept  leaning his head waaaaay back on the swing and then getting that, “I’m so scared, but this is SUPER fun!” look in his eyes.  He’s going to be my roller coaster rider for sure!  😉



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