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Our Little Graduate!

Well, Jose is officially an elementary school kid now! 😥 Last Friday, he participated in a graduation ceremony with the rest of his pre-K class. They were all so cute! They sang songs (made us cry with, “I Believe I Can Fly”), said a Bible verse and prayer, and got diplomas. There was a short vocation about how God is always with you (NOTE: in Spanish, “go with God” is “vayA cOn Dios”, not “vayO cAn Dios”… ;)), the principal read a poem titled “Where the Children Grow” that the kids’ teacher first heard at HER son’s graduation, and there was also a wonderfully poignant slideshow/video that their teacher put together. It was a great little ceremony and I’m so glad myself, Squishy, Badi, and Jose’s aunts could make it. And the bonus afterward? FOOD! Lol… There were all sorts of dishes to choose from, as well as cake and ice cream. All the kids enjoyed that! 😛

Jose and his teacher

Just wanted to share one little story as well. See the picture below? Well, the mom of the little girl on Jose’s right stopped me after the ceremony to say:
“I have to tell you about Jose and *Little Girl*. She came home and said, ‘Mommy can I go to Jose’s party?’ And I said, ‘We’ll have to see – who is Jose?’ And *Little Girl* said, ‘Jose is the boy in my class who loves me. He says I’m like a rose.'”
AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:


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  1. You realize that if he continues to be that kind of a ladies’ man in high school, you may well have angry fathers with shotguns breaking down your door… 😉

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