Random ramblings of a Rose…

Growing up, that is. Jose lost his first tooth today (well, yesterday, as it’s after 1am…) He only just noticed it was loose yesterday, and now it’s out! 😯 I know this is the right age, but it just really hit me hard that he is truly getting older. I’m not sure what I expected, particularly after my most recent post, but I’m just not ready for this!!! 😦 And yet, there’s no stopping it…

But it is a time of congratulations for him! He put his tooth under his pillow and wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy, asking her if she could please give his tooth to me instead of keeping it. He wants to have them when he’s grown up, lol. 😀 He’ll wake up to a Littlest Pet Shop puzzle and a reply from her. 😉 Here’s a picture of his new smile!


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