Random ramblings of a Rose…

I love the way Squishy thinks. Earlier, he suddenly remembered something. He grabbed my arm, said, “C’mon, mom! I HAVE to show you something!” and practically dragged me out of the house to the side-yard.

It was already dark outside, so I told him I couldn’t see anything unless I had a flashlight. He said, “No, mom! It’s okay! I can still show you. You just have to see with your feet!”

He wanted me to “see” that Jose had spent a good part of the day tilling up the hard, packed dirt in the side-yard and had already made a large patch of soft fluffy dirt. It didn’t matter to him that there was no light for the work to be visible with my eyes. He knew that the important difference was the change in texture & that I only needed my feet to see that.

And he was so VERY proud of what Jose had done that he HAD to show me RIGHT NOW, rather than waiting for morning.

The Fabulous Flying Jose

The Fabulous Flying Jose

The Laughing Leaping Squishy

The Laughing Leaping Squishy


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