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Graduation Gifts and Turning 5

Well, here I am again!  Late, as usual, but I wanted to finally sit down and hash out some of the blogs I’d been putting off so I can get that weight off my chest and move forward in blogdom. 😉 This one is short on words but very, very sweet.

First, I just wanted to put up a picture of all the various and sundry things Jose got for graduation.  He’s got cards, books, pictures, a diploma – all kinds of cool stuff!  It’s important to acknowledge these milestones – even as silly as it may seem sometimes. 🙂

Secondly, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate Jose’s life as I did with Squishy!  Jose’s birthday was actually back on June 13th (I know, I know!! :oops:) and he turned the big number 5 this year!  As you could probably tell by the number of pictures I put up for Squishy, I am a shutterbug.  As such, if I went back and posted tons of pictures from the beginning of Jose’s life until now, we’d be here all day long!  So, I’ll just put up a few that I picked out when his teacher was making a slideshow of the students for the end of the year.  I’ve already pared them down 4 pictures, so it won’t be too bad. 😆 I’ll also throw in a couple (okay, a FEW) from his actual birthday, and that will be it, I promise!

And just in case you were wondering, here are his stats, since I posted Squishy’s –
Birth Date: June 13, 2006
Time: 11:31am
Weight: 9lbs, 1.2oz
Length: 20.5″
Head: 14.5″

Okay, here’s a few growing up pictures:

His First 4th of July

Happy One Year Old!!!

Getting a Treat at Applebee’s for His 2nd Birthday

In the Christmas Pageant at 3 1/2

And now for the pictures from his birthday!!!

Got Another Fish – Nemo Tuki


Birthday Cake Time!!!

Jose With the “Pop-pop” Pig


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