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School Days: Recess Rules (By Squishy A. Nonymous)

First a post on Jose, and now one on Squishy. He’s really gotten into writing and reading the past few months. SERIOUSLY into it. To the point that when his dad brought home a basket he’d won at a raffle, Squishy squealed and stole the basket to use as a “word bucket” – he spends every afternoon writing down words on cut up pieces of paper and adding them to his basket. It’s… Well… Squishy. That’s just so him.

But I’m getting off track. The point of this post is to share a story he’s written that we’re turning into a book. Jose wrote a little book when he was 4 and now Squishy wants to do the same. We’re to the illustration stage, but wanted to share the words of the story as they are, alone. So, without further ado, here is School Days: Recess Rules, by “Squishy A. Nonymous” (names have been changed to protect the innocent. Or something along those lines… 😉 LOL!)

School Days: Recess Rules
by Squishy A. Nonymous

On the playground at my school, I have my own rules. And if you follow them, your recess will rule! If you read what I say, you will know what to do.

There are many, many rules. They are there to keep you safe, not to make you sad, and not to make you angry, and not to stop you from having fun.

The most important recess rule is: stay away from Meanie McBrewster! Meanie is a bully who will kidnap your parents if you don’t play the games his way. (I know that’s not true, but that’s what he says… But what if it was true?) So, yeah. Just don’t play with Meanie. Maybe some day he’ll learn his lesson, but I don’t think he ever will.

My favorite rule is: always have fun, every day!!!!!! If you visit my playground, these are some options for you. Playing tag with Tristan is the best way to have fun, if you’re like me. You can also have fun playing cops & robbers. All my friends like the electronic board. Climbing the rock wall is also really popular. And recess is a good time to trade baseball cards.

The rule I have the most trouble following is: don’t tattle-tale! It is very important to tell your teacher when something really bad happens, but if it’s not important, they don’t need to know. I forget that rule sometimes (actually, a lot of times), and I run to tell my teacher everything. That doesn’t make anybody happy. So remember not to tattle if it’s not important.

When recess is over the rule is: stand at the gate. At the end of recess, you line up on the sidewalk until your teacher comes. I don’t really like this rule, but I have to follow it, because I don’t want to get left behind. When your teacher comes, you go back to your classroom, and you get to learn more things. Maybe I’ll tell you about some of them, someday…


So, there you have it, folks! Squishy’s first story. Pray for us during the illustration stage. He tends to get frustrated… But I’m confident we can make it through! 😀

P.S. If anyone knows what that interactive electronic board on the playground at the boys’ school is called, hit me up. Cause I don’t have a clue & Squishy wants it to be called by its name in his “published” edition. 😛

P.P.S. Here’s Squishy’s new pictures. Excuse me while I catch this onion slicing ninja that seems to be roaming my house…

© Jess Legaspi // www.jesslegaspi.com //jess@jesslegaspi.com

© Jess Legaspi // http://www.jesslegaspi.com //jess@jesslegaspi.com

© Jess Legaspi // www.jesslegaspi.com //jess@jesslegaspi.com

© Jess Legaspi // http://www.jesslegaspi.com //jess@jesslegaspi.com


Jose’s Dream (09/07/2015)

We’ve been talking a lot about dreams recently, because I have a ton of wild and crazy ones and I like to share them. Earlier this month, Jose came to me and said, “Mom, I had a really weird dream I want to tell you about.” So I said, “Sure!” I’ve copied it word for word (there’s lots of ‘um’s and ‘like’s – he’s 9 and big into verbal pauses – we’re working on it, lol), and meant to share it a couple weeks ago but it totally slipped my mind. I’m sure that never happens to anyone else. 😉

At any rate, here’s Jose’s dream:

“Okay. So we were like going on a trip to Texas, on an airplane. Um, so that guy who was going to, like, fly the plane, for some reason, he told you to fly it to our house. For some reason – into the driveway. Um…

And so… And so when we got there, it was like nighttime because it was evening when we started. And then, so, the guy that….

So when you started off flying, you were on the road, and you kind of… Since you didn’t know how to fly, really, it was only a little ways. We were on the road up by school, and on that split part, that’s where you were. You were driving and then you lifted up and you kept going straight and somehow you got to our house? And um…

When he flew, for some reason, there was people on our plane. Like, there wasn’t when you were flying, but there was now. And like it was morning and we were someplace else, now. And like, he flew straight up very fast, and then he went straight, and then he went straight down, and then he finally started flying regular. But he wasn’t exactly up in the clouds like he was.

And then we landed somewhere for some reason, so… When we landed, like the airplane…. I’m not sure if we got out, but we were in the middle of a desert so there was no town so I’m not sure if we were IN the airplane, but there was this really fancy town that looked like it was London or something. And then…um… So…

And then I appeared in this building, but I was friends with the Penguins from like the Madagascar movies and that penguin movie. But for some reason, two of them had three eyes and the other just had two. [It’s just a goat, it’s just a goat. NOT A GOAT, NOT A GOAT! **laughs**]

And then we were planning up something to go do and after, I was just walking around the town. So while we were doing that, there was just someone that like I saw and talked to, but I don’t remember anything else like getting back on the plane, so that was basically the end of my dream.

But then I was like daydreaming because I was awake and daddy came and asked me if that was the biggest football I had ever seen. So I went to pick it up, but then I realized I was like, doing it in real life? [**mimics pushing self up in bed**] So I flopped back down and I was all warm and comfy so I tried to go back to sleep, but it was already the time I was going to get up.”

The end. 😀

P.S. Here’s updated pictures of Jose. When he saw them, he said, “Mom! I look so old!” **sigh** I know the feeling, kid. 😥

© Jess Legaspi // www.jesslegaspi.com //jess@jesslegaspi.com

© Jess Legaspi // http://www.jesslegaspi.com //jess@jesslegaspi.com

© Jess Legaspi // www.jesslegaspi.com //jess@jesslegaspi.com

© Jess Legaspi // http://www.jesslegaspi.com //jess@jesslegaspi.com

P.P.S. The goat thing was a Zathura reference, just in case you didn’t catch that.

Yearly Photo Sessions!!!

So, in order to at least have some photographical proof of the boys’ existance (yeah, like we weren’t going to get that any other way?  Lol…) we have been having regular studio portraits done since birth.  Newborn, 2mo, 4mo, 6mo, 9mo, 12mo, 18mo, and then at their birthday every year after that.  Well, obviously, if the boys just each had a birthday, that means they each had some pictures done!  And I thought I’d share them with you. 🙂 Aren’t you lucky???? 😉

Jose, first:

Squishy, second:

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