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Okay, I totally love Teacher Appreciation Week.  Wanna know why?  Because today, Jose gave his teacher an AWESOME project that we created for her.  She loved it so much that she was practically tearing up.  All the kids in the class loved it, too, and asked if they could help her eat the candy.  Lol!!!

Now, I didn’t think of it entirely by myself – I’d seen something like it years ago, and also gotten an email from a friend recently about it again, but I did “finesse” it (read: added more “candy” phrases, because seriously – you can never have too much candy) and made it specific to her.  I am SO STOKED with how it turned out.  I LOVE GIVING GIFTS TO PEOPLE!!!!!  Anyway, I’ve included a picture that you can click on to read it more clearly, but below is what is written out on the board, in case it’s tough to tell.

“Dear Ms.                                 ,

Thank you!  You are such a [SWEETART] for everything you teach our [RUNTS].  You deserve [100 GRAND][100 GRAND] every [PAYDAY].  We know sometimes the kids act like they are [AIRHEADS] and [NERDS] or like they’re from somewhere in [ORBIT] far beyond the [MILKY WAY]!!  You bring them such [ALMOND JOY] when you teach about the [WHATCHAMACALLIT] and when you ignore their [WHOPPERS]…  It must be hard to contain your [SNICKERS] when you hear the [MOUNDS] of stories those little [SUGAR BABIES] tell.  Sometimes it must seem that all you do is [SKOR] the kids’ progress, and surely there are days when you want to make like [BABY RUTH] and just run home!  For everything you do, you deserve to [TAKE 5] every [NOW AND LATER].  Thanks, Ms.                                .  You are the [RIESEN] that all of our children are [SMARTIES] instead of [DUM DUMS].  Honestly, you truly are a huge [LIFESAVER].

With many [HUGS] and [KISSES],

Our Names

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  You are loved. ❤ ”

And I know I’m kinda tooting my own horn with this post, but I just love how well this all came together.  😀


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