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I know, I suck at blogging… Lol

Well, clearly I am terrible at this! 😦 Almost 7 months have passed since my last post, and much has happened, but I’ll try to summarize. 😉

Jose graduated from Kindergarten (such a cute day they had for us proud relatives!) and lost a couple of teeth.  He also worked hard at the Accelerated Reader program he was accepted into early, and made great strides.  His capabilities in that area blow us away!

We went on a month-long road trip all over the country (Iowa, Michigan, Texas, back home) and SURVIVED!  Squishy couldn’t wait to get home by the end, and even asked if he could just go home by himself, ha ha. :mrgreen: Jose, on the other hand, asked if we could go around the country a second time.

We had a great time on our trip.  Stayed in tons of hotels, but saw no bedbugs (thank God!)  Jose got to shoot a rifle.  Squishy and Jose both went to the Iowa Children’s Museum, and there were no broken limbs this time.  The whole family participated in a Murder Mystery dinner – totally awesome.  We thought Squishy had gotten into the Blue Hawaiians, but it turned out to be a Dum Dum.  **whew**  Celebrated Grandma Rosie’s 90th birthday, took in a Kernels game and fireworks on the 4th of July, and spent tons of time with everyone.

In Michigan we celebrated a bunch of birthdays – Jose turned 6 in June, Squishy turned 3 in July, and at least three other MI relatives had birthdays, too, so there was a ton of partying going on!  We rode 4-wheelers, went fishing from the canoe in the lake, make water features, went to a water park, and just generally made a bunch of good memories.

In Texas, we got the privilege of meeting a wonderful soul from Ethiopia who is soon to be part of our larger family.  He adored Squishy’s hair and was a complete blessing to be around.  Can’t wait to see him again!  We also were thrilled to have a family member get baptized in the ocean while we were there.  Really cool! 😀

We got the boys hamsters for their big birthday present once we were back in town – they named them Chocolate Cherry (Choco), and Solomon.  We also had their pictures done when we came home, because Uncle Dude bought them AWESOME Naval outfits.

Both boys started school shortly after returning home, and Mike went back to teaching for his 30th(?) year.  Mainly computers this year, which he’s not thrilled about, but knows the Lord has a reason for everything.  Squishy is in the 3’s class at the same preschool Jose went to, and Jose is in first grade with his best friend.  Squishy has LOVED school since day 1 – no tears from him!  Jose has had a little trouble with figuring out how to be a friend to someone who is raised with different values than you, so we’ve had many talks about that.  He seems to be doing well, though, and is showing more signs of not being afraid to be who he is w/o fear of what others will think/say.

At the beginning of October, I took on a long-term sub position in Squishy’s school (the Pre-K class) so that is exciting, scary, awesome, and daunting all at the same time.  It’s so nice though, because I don’t have to figure out where to put Squishy for daycare while I work, because he’s right there with me.  This job really fell right in my lap after a big shake-up at the Y involving my dad being laid off, and it is clearly a blessing straight from God.  I am still at the Y right now, too, but it seems as though the people I know there are dropping like flies!  But until God tells me, “Move!” I’ll stay right where I am.  And the boys love that we are still there because it means they can stay involved in activities/sports like soccer, swimming, etc. Jose got to participate in a swim meet before the “winter” season set in (meets become very limited at that point), and he got 1, 2, 3, and 5 place ribbons as well as a 3rd place all-around medal in his age/gender division.  So proud! 😎 Squishy played soccer with Aunt Eggy and had a blast!

The boys also started AWANA this year.  We looked into it after the men’s BSF group failed to find leaders for the children’s program (a gross irresponsibility to our youth, in my opinion, but no one’s asking.)  It has been a big hit with both of them.  They’ve been memorizing Bible verses left and right, asking theological questions, and asking to tell me stories they’ve learned.  Super glad to have this additional influence besides school and church.  And speaking of church, we’re in a period of transition right now, but we’re listening to God for the next move and trusting that He will lead as He’s always done.

Squishy had school pictures done that turned out SO adorable we just had to get them, too, despite having ones done this summer.  See??

This past weekend, Jose and I did the “Color Me Rad” 5K with his best friend and another friend from class – total blast, even if I didn’t manage to set the color into the shirts properly before washing them. 😐

And I think that just about brings me up to date on all/most of the important stuff.  There’s lots of other little things that have happened that I should have been writing about all along, but I don’t *think* I missed anything vital, ha ha!  Here’s hoping my next post won’t wait till next June… 😳


Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #8 (04/22)

#1:Stopping to look at all the Dino Tracks near Tuba City – loved the fossilized crocodile!!

Crocodile Fossil!

#2:Making handprints in the sand at Baby Rocks – “There’s really not much to say about handprints.”  😀

Momma, Jose, Squishy, Badi

#3:Stopping to get souvenirs – picking out the rocks for his bag of rocks

I think every kid out there has a bag of these, lol!

Squishy:He didn’t scream and cry pretty much the whole way home!  He laughed, drew on the magnadoodle, slept, and watched movies.  It was so nice!!!


Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #7 (04/21)

#1:Hiking the Piedra River trail – two Korean couples took our picture for us and we took their picture for them

This is the picture that they took of us

#2:Driving home from the hike – pretending to give Kisser food and drinks with Squishy

Eat up, Kisser!!

#3:Swimming at the rec center – jumping into the pool over and over!!


Squishy:He was totally freezing (chattering, blue lips, etc.) from the minute his toes touched the water, but he was a good sport and stuck it out – he had a ton of fun splashing Jose!


Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #6 (04/20)

I unfortunately have to put a disclaimer on today – I don’t have pictures for most of the “likes.”  😦  Not sure why, but I just didn’t take as many pictures as a normally do.  Sorry!!!

#1:Playing mini golf with momma, Badi, and Squishy – he got a hole-in-one!!!


#2: Eating go-gurts – they are usually only for Squishy because it’s one thing we know he’ll always eat, but today Jose got to have them, too!

#3: Watching “Up!” – he wants to have Kevin as a pet.  Lol!  😀

Squishy:Went down the big slide at the playground (with a little help from Badi) with no complaints!

Well, it's not the slide, but at least it's the playground!

Addendum, #4: (I might be missing pictures, but I’ve got an extra “like” for you!!) Having a special midnight snack – he got to stay up late after being in the hot tub to have chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk!

Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #5 (04/19)

#1: Using momma’s camera – loved taking pictures of the “Gilmore Girls” box.  “They’re so cool!!  Are they twins?”

The Gilmore Girls!

#2: Hiking out to Piedra Falls – he and Badi went out and got splashed all over by the waterfall.

On the way to the falls!

#3: Going shopping for groceries – Badi bought chocolate milk!!!

"Yum, yum, Max. Say, 'Yum, yum!'" "DELICIOUS!!" said Max.

Squishy: When Jose was drawing, Squishy sat down and drew, too.  When Jose went to show Badi his drawings, Squishy followed right behind to show her his, too.  🙂

Drawing pictures in the car!

Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #4 (04/18)

#1: Playing with the trains late at night – enjoyed crashing them into the fence over and over again for them to have train wrecks. (This picture is actually from the previous night, but it was too great to pass up.  :D)

Oh no, Mr. Bill!!!

#2: Going to the playground at the rec center – they had a digger and a fireman pole; he loved both!

Digging in the dirt!

#3: Rolling down the short hill – it made Badi laugh when he kept turning sideways as he tried to roll down.

King of the hill!!!!

Squishy: He was a thrill-seeking risk taker!  He kept  leaning his head waaaaay back on the swing and then getting that, “I’m so scared, but this is SUPER fun!” look in his eyes.  He’s going to be my roller coaster rider for sure!  😉


Pagosa Springs Trip, Day #3 (04/17)

#1: Going hiking at Treasure Falls- got to climb over all the fallen trees that haven’t been cleared off the path

Hiking with Badi at Treasure Falls

#2: Drawing on the magnadoodle (yes, again) – got to draw pictures without Squishy “bothering” him

Woo hoo! Squishys not trying to grab the board away!

#3: Playing with Squishy in their room in the morning – “I was laying on my pillow pretending to snore, and then Squishy threw his cup at me and I woke up and Squishy thought it was sooooo funny!  We laughed forever.”  (Sorry, I don’t have a picture to share – this all occured while us adults were still asleep, lol…)

Squishy: He made his first snow angel!!!!! (And yes, I realize the picture is kind of creepy and inverted looking, but it is an honest to goodness snow angel.  Ya just can’t really tell…)

Squishy's 1st ever snow angel!!

Addendum, #4: (Just HAD to have one more “like” for today 😉 )Playing in the snow – got to throw snowballs, make a snowman, and make a snow angel!!

Watch out, mom!!

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