Random ramblings of a Rose…

#1: Going hiking at Treasure Falls- got to climb over all the fallen trees that haven’t been cleared off the path

Hiking with Badi at Treasure Falls

#2: Drawing on the magnadoodle (yes, again) – got to draw pictures without Squishy “bothering” him

Woo hoo! Squishys not trying to grab the board away!

#3: Playing with Squishy in their room in the morning – “I was laying on my pillow pretending to snore, and then Squishy threw his cup at me and I woke up and Squishy thought it was sooooo funny!  We laughed forever.”  (Sorry, I don’t have a picture to share – this all occured while us adults were still asleep, lol…)

Squishy: He made his first snow angel!!!!! (And yes, I realize the picture is kind of creepy and inverted looking, but it is an honest to goodness snow angel.  Ya just can’t really tell…)

Squishy's 1st ever snow angel!!

Addendum, #4: (Just HAD to have one more “like” for today 😉 )Playing in the snow – got to throw snowballs, make a snowman, and make a snow angel!!

Watch out, mom!!


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